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Promoting Success

Frostbite Gear was originally founded in December of 2020 as a company that sold outdoor basketball gloves. It expanded to bring a clothing option that reflected the lives of high school students through its products. Through our designs and logos, we hoped to showcase the ideals that we've learnt at our school, specifically Stuyvesant High School in NYC. For example, the Grind Over Talent Shirt was meant to emphasize the work we put in at Stuyvesant. In a school with a rigorous curriculum, hard work is really what differentiates those who thrive. 

But the lessons we've learnt in our high schools aren't just limited to things like hard work, which you'll see as you scan more of our products. Themes like perseverance and camaraderie pop up too, which are just as important. So what are you waiting for? Go see the stories behind those products as you check out the shop!

- Jeffrey Tan, Founder

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